Today’s school-related gratitude post is all about Google.

It really does make my school life so much easier. Yesterday I read 22 research outlines (my students are actually doing some great research!) all in Google Docs. I can type comments so much faster than I can write them–and they’re more legible for my students as well. One student has already responded to my comments, asking more questions.

This kind of collaboration eases the time burden I have to deal with. Many of my students can’t come in before or after school, and during the end-of-day study hall, I’m often in meetings. So collaborating over Google Docs is often the most efficient and convenient way I have of helping my students with their writing.

Then there’s Google Calendar. I’ve set up multiple calendars to manage my life both in and out of school. Quite helpful, and they sync well with my Apple family.

And finally, Google Sites. All my class websites are in one Google site, and though it took me a while to learn how to customize it (it’s not the most user-friendly in set-up), I love it so much more than what I had used in past years. Now the trick is to train my students to visit the site regularly…

This makes four straight days of finding school-related things to be grateful for…I might just make it to 30.

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