The Birthday

I always say that I’m just going to stay in bed on my birthday, but I never do, and this year was no different. I ran an errand with my friend Ashley, who then treated me to lunch. Then I came home and read Rob Lowe’s autobiography…so very delicious…and then I went to my parents’ house for dinner (took over my own Indian food which was yummy) and my mom made birthday ice cream. No cake. Not this year.

My Uncle Brent called and we chatted for a few minutes, and so many friends texted, tweeted, or left Facebook messages, all so very sweet.

I left my parents’ house and the plan was to spend the evening with White Collar and Covert Affairs, but my car had other ideas. When I arrived home and locked my car door, something snapped and my car went into full-on lock down. I could not get in any door, and the automatic locks clicked incessantly.

I went inside and googled a variety of search terms and found that if I could somehow disconnect the locking mechanism fuses, the clicking would stop. Ah, the irony–I COULDN’T GET INTO THE CAR TO FIND THE FUSE.

So I posted my dilemma on Facebook, and several friends offered suggestions (my favorite? Use a brick). One friend even called her dad who is a mechanic, and then called me to troubleshoot. My dad came over with a rubber mallett, tapped at the doors a couple of times. That must have done something to throw off the locking sequence, because I could finally manually unlock the door.

With a flashlight and a couple of forceful pulls, we had the fuses pulled and the incessant lock-unlock sequencing stopped. Huzzah! So tomorrow I will call my mechanic and see if it’s worth fixing.

Quite the exciting end to a pretty tame birthday. Maybe next year, I’ll have a party.

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