What Are You Reading 6/25

I love when I read a book and find out another in the series is coming out soon. I read “Darth Paper Strikes Back” this week, and I’m glad I only have to wait until August for the next in the series! 

This week, though, I’m just going to see what speaks to me. I still have a stack next to my bed, as well as four weeks of magazines that have piled up. But I’m planning to read some Nick Hornby, and I really want to start Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls series (the first is “I Could Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have to Kill You.”) 

And of course, there’s some professional reading I need to do to get ready for Newspaper camp…

My sister’s been in town for the past three weeks, which has definitely cut into my reading time (not complaining about it at all–just stating a fact) but she’s leaving this week so I will have more time to read, I’m sure. 

I can’t believe this time next week it will be July. Though I’m happy to say that I don’t feel like this summer is flying by. I’ve loved the easy, laid-back pace I’ve set for myself this month. I think I needed it.

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