The Vlog

I haven’t been very consistent in posting the vlog here. Or on my other blog. I tweet out a link to it, but I’m guessing most of my blog readers aren’t on Twitter.

There’s no real reason why, other than I forget, or I think I’m having a bad hair day when we tape and I’d rather fewer people watch.

Anyway, here’s this week’s vlog. 

In other news, last night while working concessions, I was talking to a parent about teaching siblings.

“There is one family that 12 years ago when I student taught, I taught the oldest. Then when I was hired at West two years after that, I taught the middle daughter, and my last year here before grad school, I taught the youngest. It’s fun for me to teach siblings,” I said.

“Wait a second. 12 years ago? How is that possible? Aren’t you in your early 20s?”

That was the best thing I heard all night. It might end up being the best thing I hear all year.


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