I walked to my car at 9 AM wearing a scarf, a parka, and mittens. It was gray outside, but warm. So when I arrived at the piano festival I was helping with today, I left the winter gear in the car. I felt silly for wearing it in the first place.

When I left the piano festival at 2, it was a good 20 degrees colder. And every errand I ran seemed to get colder and colder. I blasted the heat in my car and bundled back into my scarf, parka, and mittens.

I came home, pulled my flannel sheets out of the closet and threw them in the washer. I tidied up and settled in for an evening of writing and organizing. My refrigerator is stocked, and I don’t feel a horrible amount of pressure to get a whole lot of work done this weekend.

I’m really grateful for paid heat, for a car heater that works, for totally warm scarves, mittens, and parkas.

Bring on winter.

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