My Last Week.

I’ve had a student teacher this quarter, and I had all kinds of plans about what I would do with all my extra time. I’d go to the gym more, because I’d take home no grading (I’d do it all in the morning while she taught!). I’d blog more, work on a textbook for a class I’m teaching, read at least a book a week.

I forgot to factor in that I really enjoy the people in my building. I’ve spent the past six weeks retreating to the library at the start of 2nd hour. A good friend is the librarian. Most days we end up talking. A colleague from the business department has a student teacher as well, so several days, he’s joined us in the library.

3rd hour, I’ve been heading down to the journalism room for chatting and collaborating. 4th hour, my plan period, is spent doing a variety of tasks, and 5th hour–lunch–I’ve stayed in the English office, chatting with my colleagues as they filter in and out for their assigned lunches.

Not a lot of grading, no writing, and very little reading has been done.

But the time has been well-spent, just the same. I’m more relaxed than usual. I’ve strengthened friendships. I’ve collaborated and organized.

This is the last week that my student teacher will teach my morning classes, as she heads down to Journalism to teach those classes for a quarter. So this week, I’ll need to use some of my morning time to figure out what my classes need from me when I return next Monday. 

But I’m going to do a lot of visiting, too.

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