June, July, and August

That’s the punchline of the old joke: What are a teacher’s three most favorite words?

I’ve always disagreed with that, mostly because I have a hard time turning off the teacher part of my brain. Sure, I might lay on the couch for two days and watch TV, but after those two days, I’m back to trolling the interwebs for lesson plan ideas or re-reading novels to figure out how to get kids to read it next year.

This week, since I’ll be teaching AP Language and Composition next year, I’m attending an AP Institute. It is 8-4, Monday through Thursday, and it is intense. A lot of information was thrown at me today, and I have about 75 pages of reading to do tonight, despite the tension headache I have.

Once the Institute is over, I’ll go back to teaching summer school until the 26th, after which I will spend time in July writing lesson plans, making room decorations, and getting everything ready for the first day, which is August 12.

So the next time a friend or family member starts orating about how teachers actually get paid too much, considering we get June, July, and August off, kindly direct them to this post and remind them that a GOOD teacher’s three favorite words are Reading, Writing, and Revising.

6 thoughts on “June, July, and August

  1. oh if only i were as good as you…. i'm headed to nantucket tonight for the first holiday of my summer break. then the week after that i get to play with my boyfriend (he took the week off to play with me – how cool is that?) and then i have a week of yearbook camp (i guess that's work) but then in july i have a week of family camp at aspen grove and then a week of my family bonding time and then a week road tripping to northern california and then i think i'll have about 2 weeks to rest and then ward trip (i'm in charge) and then school starts again. i think the main difference for teachers is that any holiday they get needs to be squished into a two month window where other people have a bit more flexibility. but you really are a dedicated hard working teacher. i'd love to have you teach me! or my kids for that matter. you always have been my hero english teacher. thanks for reminding me of the three most important words!

  2. Sarah–if I could, I would totally take your way of doing summer. That is the plan for NEXT year, when I have a year of AP under my belt. And I have already decided I will never again teach summer school. There is a happy medium for what both of us are doing this summer! 🙂 Have fun in Nantucket!

  3. OhmyholyHAIL there are some people who seriously think teachers are overpaid??? Have them teach..just one class, just one hour…

    It boggles my mind that you know people like this and you allowed them to live.

  4. I hope your headache goes away quickly…had your diet coke yet?

    Are those your beautiful peonies behind the stack of books?


  5. Ah you know dat's right! You should repost the article that figured out that teachers, if paid minimum babysitter wages, would make over 80K a year.

    I hope my boys get good teachers like you…if not, I'll have to force you to quit your job and move to Florida…so you CAN be their teacher!

  6. I just wrote this whole rant only to find out that I left it under Kristin's email,, so it wouldn't let me post under my name so nowi t's lost in cyberspace.

    Suffice to say I'm not really feeling so hot on the teaching thing right now.

    Hope you are better. I'm glad I have you to look up too.

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