A Walk In The Woods

I’m monumentally freaked out.

It’s just a test, this is only a test, yet today I worked myself into such a tizzy studying for this test that I truly felt despair. When I stand back and examine how much time I’ve spent reading, reviewing, and talking with my classmates about the books and articles on the comps list, it is obvious that I’m prepared. But I still have pockets of panicking. Today is one giant pocket.

So when Kirsty emailed me and suggested a walk in the woods, I couldn’t disagree with her that it would improve my sanity if I spent some time outside in the gorgeous weather. We even took some pictures:

This tree reminded both of us of the Tree of Life, which reminded me to keep a more eternal perspective about this test.

I came back from the walk, feeling a lot better. Not better about the test, and I still feel an undercurrent of panic, but I feel better. Thanks, Kirsty!

3 thoughts on “A Walk In The Woods

  1. It was not so much suggesting as informing, but you are welcome, just doing my job ma’am. 🙂DON’T PANIC. Changing my tack: We are all totally expecting you to fail but will continue to love you so there is no pressure whatsoever. Life goes on.(Better?)

  2. That is a little better. 🙂 Although, I realize I am quite lucky to have so many people believing that I will be fine. It balances the self-doubt I have. So maybe it’s better for people to quietly know I’ll be fine, see me through the freak-outs, and love me regardless. Too tall an order?

  3. So pretty much as we were then eh?Hope you are not feeling too hysterical. The PSC (Post Sugar Crash) is just starting to set in here. Good times.

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