Twitter Probs.


When I first joined Twitter in 2009, I was still concerned about my digital footprint and social media presence. At that time, I even had a fake name on Facebook, so students could not find me and friend me. So on that Twitter account, I protected my tweets. Made it impossible for random people to follow me.

Then in 2010, I attended the National Council for Teachers of English convention, and I wanted to use Twitter as a way to share and connect with other teachers. Rather than make my private Twitter account public, I made a new handle altogether.

So for the past five years, I’ve been managing two accounts: one that is private, with limited followers where I feel free to express political and religious opinions, and one that is public, where I feel constrained to share only that which would not result in me losing my job (so mostly, rants about BYU sports and positive education messages).

But I have this book coming out Oct. 2. And when people google me, the private Twitter account appears, and the public one is absent. I want people to be able to engage with my on Twitter, especially if they have nice things to say about my book (haters, you can stay away).

So I have a dilemma of sorts–do I delete the private Twitter account? Or do I figure out how to get my public account more visible? Thoughts?