This weekend was my church’s semi-annual General Conference, which I’ve started treating as a complete escape from regular life. I made sure I had ample provisions prior to Friday night, and when I woke up Saturday morning, I immediately relaxed knowing I didn’t have to go anywhere until Monday morning.

I made pumpkin waffles, chowder, a chocolate sheet cake, and rolls (twice–the first recipe didn’t rise, so I went back to my mom’s recipe). I did laundry. I did just the bare minimum of school work, making sure I had lesson plans done for the coming week.

And I watched four 2-hour sessions of the conference on my television. I heard some excellent talks about Jesus and grace and practical advice for how to be a better Christian.

The next two weeks are so busy–regular school responsibilities, a reading in Omaha, parent-teacher conferences, and a short trip to Utah–so I’m glad I spent this weekend in solitude and reflection. I’ve heard it’s good to occasionally retreat from life when facing something brand new on the horizon.