Seen, Read, Listened to…2015

In the first week of 2015, I consumed a lot of media. Mostly because at the beginning of semesters, I don’t have a lot of work to bring home with me. On January 9, I read about Steven Soderbergh’s “Seen, Read 2014” list, and as a teacher of pop culture, thought it would be worthwhile for me to do the same.

Some media I consume on a regular basis, and I’m not going to include those. I listen to a BYU sports podcast most days while I’m fixing dinner, I watch The Daily Show or The Late Show with Stephen Colbert every morning while I’m getting ready for school, and I listen to other podcasts as I’m driving around. Also, I’m only listing books on the days I finish them.

Because I like even-ish numbers, I’m starting on January 10 this year. Each day, I’ll post what I watched, read, or listened to. I’m not going to offer any reviews or suggestions, just share the list. Maybe at some point you’ll find something you might enjoy as well.

**May 3 edit: I rearranged the list so the most recent is at the top.**

**November 3 edit: I don’t know how Soderbergh kept up with this. I’m clearly failing at it.**

Here’s the key: podcastbook, TV showfilm, full album

12/14:   Usagi Yojimbo, Vol 1.
12/16:   Spotlight
12/17:   The Man from UNCLE
12/18:   Sing Noel by The Lower Lights
12/19:   While You Were Sleeping; Bridget Jones’ Diary
12/20:   The Smartest Kids in the World
12/21:   Mockingjay, Part 2; Jessica Jones (2); The Distance Between Us
12/22:   The Year of Yes; Jessica Jones (2)
12/23:   The Bishop’s Wife; Jessica Jones (2); The Santa Clause 2
12/24:   White Christmas, Love Actually, Elf, A Christmas Story
12/25:   Star Wars: The Force Awakens
12/26:   The Incredibles; Jessica Jones (2); The Man in the High Castle;
             To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar; A Head Full of Dreams by Coldplay
12/27:   The Book of A Thousand Days
12/28:   Joy; Jessica Jones; The Man in the High Castle
12/29:   Minions; Dr. Who; Jessica Jones
12/30:   Jessica Jones; Sisters

Here’s the key: podcastbook, TV showfilm, full album

11/1:     Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me! with Jake Tapper
11/2:     The Good Wife
11/3:     Inside BYU Football

11/5:     Scandal
11/6:     The Queen is Dead by The Smiths
11/7:     Ask Me Another, Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!; Master of None
11/8:     Fresh Air: Aziz Ansari; A Thoughtful Faith: Thomas McConkie
11/13:   Prolonging the Magic by Cake
11/15:   Marvel: Agents of Shield (7 episodes. I had a stomach bug.); NCIS (5 eps)
11/16:   The Moth
11/17:   The Good Wife; Marvel Agents of Shield

Here’s the key: podcastbook, TV showfilm, full album

8/1:       Ask Me Another
8/2:       Tig
8/3:       This American Life #562
8/7:       Suits
8/8:       Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me!; Fresh Air: Jon Stewart
8/9:       Live from the Moth GrandSLAM
8/10:     This American Life #563
8/14:     Suits, Graceland; License to Ill by The Beastie Boys; Prolonging the Magic by Cake
8/15:     Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me!
8/18:     Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
8/19:     Grease Sing-a-long
8/20:     WTF Podcast: Jason Segel
8/21:     WTF Podcast: Wyatt Cenac; Home by The Dixie Chicks
8/23:     Fresh Air: A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana
8/24:     Fresh Air: Sir Ian McKellan
8/25:     Fresh Air: ‘Cartel’ Author on Mexico’s Sadistic Wars
8/26:     Ask Me Another: Patrick Stewart
8/28:     Ask Me Another: Uzo Adubo; Come By Me by Harry Connick, Jr.
8/29:     Ballerina; Fernando Nation; Grease 2; Dancing on the Edge
8/30:     Mystery Show, Ep. 1

Here’s the key: podcastbook, TV showfilm, full album

7/1:     Back to the Future
…and July blurred by, with two weeks out of town…so I’m not 100% sure what I watched or listened to, but I know the only book I read was “I Thought It Was Just Me” by Brene Brown.

Here’s the key: podcastbook, TV showfilm, full album
6/1:      Lola and the Boy Next Door
6/2:      Lemon Tart by Josi Kilpack
6/3:      The Late Show Podcast
6/4:      The West Wing (binge watching starting with Season 4)
6/7:      Ask Me Another
6/8:      This American Life #528; Isla and the Happily Ever After
6/9-6/11: Continued binge-watching The West Wing
6/12:    House of Cards
6/13:    The Moment with Brian Koppleman: Chuck Todd
6/14:    The Moment with Brian Koppleman: Beau Willimon
6/15:    The Seventies (CNN); Aladdin
6/16:    Manhattan (5); Beauty and the Beast
6/17:    Manhattan (8); Rhythm Nation 1814 by Janet Jackson
6/18:    The Moment with Brian Koppleman: Lewis Black; Ask Me Another
6/19:    The God Who Weeps by Terryl and Fiona Givens; Bend it Like Beckham
6/20:    Command and Control by Eric Schlosser
6/23:    The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Mari Kondo
6/24:    Royal Pains
6/25:    Spy; Suits; Mr. Robot
6/26:    Ask Me Another; Going Clear
6/27:    Strictly Ballroom
6/29:    The Godfather Part II
6/30:    Dope

Here’s the key: podcast, book, TV show, film, full album

5/1:      Captain America: The Winter Soldier
5/2:      The Daily Show Podcast, ep. 16; The Avengers: Age of Ultron; Mr. Selfridge (4)
5/3:      This American Life: #555; Mr. Selfridge
5/5:      Fresh Air: Louis CK
5/6:      Mad Men; Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me! (2)
5/7:      Scandal; Nashville
5/8:      Fresh Air: Matthew Weiner; Nashville
5/9:      Ask Me Another; NCIS
5/10:    The Good Wife
5/11:    Mad Men; Ask Me Another
5/15:    The Daily Show Podcast, ep. 17; About Time; Scandal
5/17:    This American Life
5/18:    Mr. Selfridge; Ask Me Another
5/19:    NCIS; When Harry Met Sally Soundtrack
5/20:    License to Ill; 500 Questions
5/22:    Toughness by Jay Bilas
5/23:    They Came Together
5/24:    Daredevil; Food: A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan
5/25:    Daredevil; Brooklyn 99 (2)
5/26:    Daredevil
5/28:    Pitch Perfect 2
5/29:    Jersey Boys

So March was tough to keep up with. Here’s hoping April goes a bit better.
Here’s the key: podcastbook, TV showfilm, full album
April Books I’m reading: Command and Control by Eric Schlosser (I hope to finish it this month); Toughness by Jay Bilas (same with this one); The God Who Weeps by Terryl and Fiona Givens.

4/1:       Blackish (3); Nashville
4/2:       Scandal; Alias binge-watch; Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell me
4/3:       The Daily Show Podcast, ep. 12
4/5:       This American Life: #552; Alias binge-watch
4/7:       The Good Wife
4/8:       Agents of Shield
4/9:       Blackish
4/10:     ABBA Gold; Alias binge-watch
4/11:     Fresh Air: Debate over Killer Whales in Marine Parks; Fresh Air: Jeffrey Toobin on Ted 
             Cruz; Fresh Air: Oncologist on the “Biography of Cancer
4/12:     Fresh Air: How We Became ‘One Nation Under God’
4/13:     This American Life: #553; Garbage by Garbage
4/14:     Mad Men; The Good Wife
4/16:     Nashville (2)
4/17:     Scandal; Newsroom (2); The Daily Show Podcast, ep. 15; Guardians of the Galaxy
4/18:     Newsroom (4); Enough Said
4/19:     Fresh Air: Mark Ronson; Fresh Air: Billy Crystal and Josh Gad; Once Upon A Time (3)
4/20:     Mad Men
4/23:     Scandal; Blackish
4/25:     Avengers; Iron Man 3; Hozier by Hozier
4/26:     The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Here’s the key: podcastbook, TV showfilm, full album
February Books I’m reading: Command and Control by Eric Schlosser; An Abundance of Katherines by John Green; Toughness by Jay Bilas (yes, still reading all of these)

3/1:       The Music Man; The Good Wife
3/4:       Downton Abbey
3/5:       An Abundance of Katherines; Suits (2); Scandal
3/8:       The Three Amigos; This American Life: #549; Glee; Once Upon A Time
3/9-3/14: A complete blur. I know I watched and listened to things, but couldn’t tell you any of them.
3/15:     This American Life: #550; The Good Wife
3/16-3/21: Another complete blur. Mostly basketball when I had a chance.
3/24:     Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me; Stitches by Anne Lamott
3/27:     Scandal (2); The Mindy Project; Prolonging the Magic by Cake
3/28:     The Good Wife; Glee; NCIS (3)
3/29:     Death Comes to Pemberley (2); Agents of Shield (2); Once Upon A Time (2)
3/31:     The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Here’s the key: podcastbook, TV showfilm, full album
February Books I’m reading: Command and Control by Eric Schlosser; An Abundance of Katherines by John Green; Toughness by Jay Bilas

2/1:       Jane Eyre; Glee
2/2:       The Daily Show Podcast, Ep. 11; Groundhog Day
2/3:       Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me; Parks and Recreation; The Mindy Project
2/5:       The Moment: Amy Schumer
2/7:       Suits
2/8:       Downton Abbey; This American Life: #545
2/10:     Parks and Rec (2)
2/11:     The Mindy Project; Out of Time by REM
2/12:     Scandal; Begin to Hope by Regina Spektor
2/13:     License to Ill by Beastie Boys
2/14:     Glee; The Last Five Years; Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me
2/16:     Downton Abbey; Selfies on Kodachrome by Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox
2/17:     Parks and Rec (2); Motown #1s by Various Artists; Fresh Air: Bradley Cooper
2/19:     Scandal
2/20:     Glee; Suits (2)
2/21:     Brooklyn 99 (2); Death Comes to Pemberley; Nashville (2); Fresh Air: Larry Wilmore
2/22:     This American Life: #547 and #548; The Last Five Years (yes, again…)
2/24:     Parks and Rec
2/25:     The Mindy Project; The Moth: Doctors, Prom and Ellen
2/28:     Glee; Downton Abbey; Fresh Air: The Magic of ‘Boyhood’; Fresh Air: How Orwell’s 
             ‘Animal Farm’ Led a Radical Muslim to Moderation

Here’s the key: podcastbook, TV showfilm, full album

1/10:     Key & Peele, Downton Abbey, Fresh Air: Nick Lowe
1/11:     Dare Me by Megan Abbott, This American Life: #314
1/12:     The Good Wife
1/13:     Parks and Recreation (2); Downton Abbey; The Mindy Project
1/15:     Rich Hill
1/16:     Fargo; Parenthood
1/17:     Fresh Air: Steven Brill, Cinder by Marissa Meyer
1/18:     Brooklyn 99 (2), NCIS (4) (a.k.a. cleaning out my Tivo)
1/19:     Downton Abbey, Glee; The Daily Show Podcast, Ep. 10,  Tapestry by Carole King
1/20:     Uptown Special by Mark Ronson; The Moment w/Brian Koppelman: Cary Elwes;                                Guardians of the Galaxy
1/21:     Parks and Recreation; The Moment: Danny Strong
1/22:     Schooled: The Price of College Sports
1/23:     Parenthood; Clue
1/24:     Wayne’s World
1/25:     Glee
1/27:     Downton Abbey; Fresh Air: Al Michaels
1/29:     Suits
1/30:     Parenthood; Life in a Day