Sunday Twitter Roundup

Just one more reason to loathe Valentine’s Day…this commercial.

I love internal memos that eventually get leaked.

One of the best pieces of writing I read all week.

I’m excited to watch this later tonight. Yes, I know I’m a nerd.

I don’t think I’ve plugged this lately, but I moved my teaching blog.

The next three weeks make me hyperventilate. The only thing that keeps me calm is knowing that I’ve done it before.

Peace out, home skilletz.

Sunday Twitter Roundup

Happy Superb Owl Sunday! (Something I saw on Facebook…)

Maybe if Les Mis had been written by Tina Fey, Deanne would have liked it more.

Smart kids play NCAA sports, too!

Haven’t hopped on the Downton Abbey bandwagon? This can help you catch up.

If you don’t subscribe to a particular faith system, might I suggest this?

And finally, Le Vlog retourne.

It’s deadline week, and the musical opens in exactly 30 days, so I might not be ’round these parts much….have a great week!

Sunday Twitter Roundup

I don’t feel like it’s been a busy week, but it really has been. I’m not writing as much as I like to, mostly because the things going on in my classroom have me tied up in a billion different kind of knots, and I’m struggling to make sense of them. But that’s another post for another time. As is a post about Les Mis–which I saw yesterday and loved beyond words. Process, process, process, and then I might be able to write something.

On to the tweets:

Apparently I can’t give up hope for 57 more years. And I need to start dating much younger men.

Part-Time Authors is my new favorite blog. And I love the message of this story.

Stephen Colbert tweeted this lovely poem:
“I believe Ayn Rand’s first love poem went: Roses are red/ violets are blue/ finish this poem yourself / you dependent parasite”

And that’s it. I didn’t even tweet much this week. Again, the schools is taking the brunt of my energy right now. I’ll do better next week.

Sunday Twitter Roundup

Here’s the happy-haps on Twitter this week…

There might be some mild language in this clip, but it’s a good commentary on a major shortcoming in today’s youth.

I’m a major font geek.

This is how I justified staying home for two days this week. I NEVER do that.

This link is for Friday Night Lights fans only. Otherwise you will not find it as wonderful as I do.

And to balance out all the insanity from the Manti Te’o story this week (wasn’t THAT a doozy?!) is this fantastic interview with Tana Flowers, who is married to Brandon Flowers, who is the amazing front-man for the awesome band The Killers.

Oh yeah, and then there’s the return of the vlog. I may have already posted this, but I can’t remember if I did. Sick-week side effects.

For fans of the band Neon Trees, they will be on the wonderful program Audio-Files tomorrow night (Monday) at 9:30 CST on BYU-TV. Here’s the great thing about BYU-TV: you can watch it online. I’ll be watching on my Roku. Can’t wait!

Sunday Twitter Roundup

I really didn’t do a lot on Twitter this week–partially because I’m in that sweet spot of the school year where I don’t have too much to do, but I’m also not drowning in the consequences of my own choices to assign insane amounts of writing, both of which inevitably lead to ridiculous amounts of time wasted spent online.

But I have a few things to share nonetheless…

Poor Payton.

My dad might agree with this.

I did NOT know this was once available.

If only being beautiful was this easy…

That’s it for this week…