Sunday Twitter Roundup

Yay for this past week finally coming to a close. The musical was a complete hit–I’m always amazed at what those kids are able to do–but I am so glad to have some of my life back. Many of these tweets happened from the Pit…

Stories like these make me happy I’m single.

Some of the major problems with education.

I want to read all of these books.

Mass exodus, state by state.

And finally, the best education piece I read all week.

Sunday Twitter Roundup

Warning: This week’s tweets were cranky and political. You’ve been warned.

I always like validation that how I’m perceived as a single woman is more society’s problem and not mine.

This was the best thing I watched on TV all week. I’m so lucky to have been born when I was.

Upset by the sequestration? Laugh about it! You’ll feel better.

But really, learn about the sequestration. Then support me when I run for Congress in a few years.

A startling report coming out of China and the initial stages of failure.

And really, isn’t this the best thing about your day?

I will likely be radio silent this week, because of this:

Sunday Twitter Roundup

Happy Sunday! I’m coming off a four-day, snow-induced weekend, so lots to share this week.

If you like Guy Fieri, don’t click on this link. If you watch Food Network with a touch of irony, you’ll love it.

What? I didn’t write this?

I wish I could say I’m surprised by this study, but I’m not. At all.

If I was still dating the guy from 15 years ago, he’d totally love that I posted this on my blog.

MOTHER OF THE YEAR!! (Really posted to make both sisters feel like good moms.

And finally, a vlog.

Sunday Twitter Roundup

Some edgy stuff this week…

Barbie and Ken photos. Check out the hands on Barbie–they are wonderful.

For the uber-nerd in your life.

Like charity walks? Maybe one of these suits you.

This is the English Office, just down the hall from my classroom.

It’s that happy time of year, when two weeks from tomorrow is the very last musical rehearsal before we open. And apparently a huge storm is gathering and will hit Thursday night. So that oughta be fun.

Til next time…

A Very Special Twitter Roundup

I spent most of Wednesday night trolling the interwebs for nothing in particular yet found some amazing finds, Valentine’s Day Style. I tweeted them as I found them, but as a V-Day gift to Deanne, I’m posting them here prior to Sunday. Though by the time she reads this, it’ll be past V-Day, since she lives on the other side of the world. Whatevs.

I love these cards almost as much as I love these cards.

Warning: by MPAA standards, this supercut is rated R for more than two f-bombs. But having lived many of these moments, I can then only extrapolate that my life is rated R. Rated R for Radical.

Free Kindle books are the best! (When they aren’t erotica, anyway…)

Deanne, you might not want the kids around for this one.

And finally, the story of my favorite Valentine’s Day.

My Valentine’s Day will be spent at teacher in-service, pit rehearsal, the gym, and a movie.

And probably with candy.