Just when you think your day can’t get any worse…after waking up three students during a state writing test–A STATE TEST! THEY FELL ASLEEP!–and answering the SAME RESEARCH QUESTION that I’ve been addressing IN CLASS for FIVE WEEKS; yes, just when you think there is absolutely nothing to be grateful for in this frozen sunless tundra as you “earn minor ducats at a thankless job,” you come home to this:


…and suddenly you have hope. Hope that you can still laugh and still be entertained, and hope that despite how you feel at 3:20 everyday, the juniors did NOT, in fact, kill your will to live nor did they make you sterile.

Well, to be truthful, the jury’s still out on the sterility issue. Should probably get married before I test out that theory.

This One’s For My Sistah

I am a total Scrooge this time of year, and I think the only thing that keeps me from cliffs and sharp objects is being around my family. But what would happen if I wasn’t near my family? What would happen if–gasp!–I lived in Florida?

That would suck.

And it does, for my sister.

And since I didn’t, at her instruction, jump in my car yesterday and drive to Florida to spend New Year’s Eve with her, I’ve wished there was something I could do to make her world a little better, a little brighter.

Thanks to a Twitter friend, I may have found just the thing:

Happy New Year, Deanne!

The Great Debate.

So I was going to write a thought-provoking, enlightening post about how I need to soften my attitude about reading Walden. I still might write it eventually. But mid-sentence, this sketch came on last night’s SNL, and it was just too good, too hilarious, and sadly, too real not to share.
**I would have pulled it off of Hulu instead of YouTube, but this sketch didn’t make the cut of what SNL was willing to post on Hulu.

Finding Joy in the Journey

I spent many hours on my couch today, not doing anything, despite the disaster state of my apartment. One of the many shows I watched was the pilot for Glee. You can watch it for free on Hulu–and I totally think that you should–but I put my favorite part here. I bet it’ll be my sister Jennie’s favorite part as well.*** It makes me smile every time I watch it.


***Jennie hates, HATES! Journey. I know, how is that possible, right?

Latest Discovery

I’m rewatching Alias–one of my favorite shows of all time. Besides the super-spy, action storylines and Michael Vartan, I love this show for the way it uses music. I think now we are used to popular music infused in our TV programs, but when Alias began in 2000, it wasn’t common practice.

I was watching Alias season 3 this morning and heard a song that was just so lovely that I had to track it down and I think I’ve found someone pretty cool. Here’s a link to try out Rosie Thomas. She’s been around a while, and I admit I am a little slow on the uptake when it comes to music. But I’m just happy to have found her at all.