Throwback Thursday: Harry Again.

I barely have words to describe how this song makes me feel. But I’ll try.

My first year at BYU, I met a boy. I met lots of boys actually, but there was this one…sigh…we connected on so many different levels, and before long, as is my wont, I was fallen pretty hard for him. Sometimes I wonder, if I hadn’t left BYU, and had still been there when he got back from his mission, I wonder…and I have to stop because it makes me too sad.

One night he brought over a VHS tape of Harry Connick, Jr. in concert so we could watch it together. I squealed with delight, as I had been converted to the Gospel of Harry Connick two years prior.

“How did you know I liked him?” I asked.

“I saw the ‘When Harry Met Sally’ Soundtrack in your Walkman and took a guess,” he replied.

So on a fall October night, we watched Harry sing a dozen or so songs, and I was a pretty happy girl. Harry still has that effect on me.

Throw-Back Thursday: Friend Test.

Not much to say today, except that if you don’t like Ella Fitzgerald, I don’t think we can be friends. That’s the extent of my friend test, part 1.

Most people think Mama Cass was the first to sing “Dream A Little Dream of Me.” Nope. For that matter, Ella probably wasn’t, either. But I love her, and I love this song, and I want to wrest away the image of it being a 60s tune.

It’s not.

(p.s. I’m a little cranky tonight. Please forgive my tone.)

Throw-Back Thursday: If I Only Had A Brain

Do you know what The Great American Songbook is? (If you clicked on the link, then now you know.) That’s essentially what Throw-Back Thursdays are going to be about.

I’ve been in love with the songs and artists of The Great American Songbook as long as I can remember. But the first cassette I bought that actually contained any of those songs was Harry Connick, Jr.’s album “20.” And while I tend to prefer originals to remakes, Harry is one artist who, in my mind, can do no wrong. Especially when he does something like this to a well-known tune.