Oh, Bjork…

What made me laugh today?

Bjork on The Colbert Report, talking about what she learned in music school. Bjork went to music school?!?!?!? It’s a bizarre thought.

And this video always makes me laugh. I love the original version from the 50s, but there is something about Bjork screaming her guts out during every chorus that send me into giggle fits every single time I watch it. Enjoy.


So our Educator’s Health Alliance has these challenges, and they bribe us with the chance to win $25 gift cards to participate. February’s challenge is to create a space to laugh every day.

This is truly a challenge right now, because it’s winter, and even with the extreme mildness of the weather, things just look flat-out bleak.

So, EHA, challenge accepted. I’ll be looking for things to make me laugh every day in February.

Here’s today’s, even though it’s still January. (I’ve always been a bit of an overachiever.)