Fun Fact Friday: Social Media

Today Amy and I are talking about our favorite social media sites! The inspiration for this topic is this article, that suggests teens aren’t all that into Facebook anymore.

I already knew that teens aren’t all into Facebook anymore, because when I talk about it in my Pop Culture classes, they roll their eyes and say, “That’s soooooo middle school, Ms. Rowse.”


If I had to choose which social media site is my favorite, I’d have to choose Facebook. It’s where most of my friends are, and I’m part of some really great private support groups that even though I’ve never met the members of the group, I feel quite the emotional connection to them.

I also like Facebook because I have several friends from grad school who often post articles that are quite useful in my Pop Culture class.

My least favorite social media site is probably Instagram. Only because I never take any photos and I forget to check it most weeks. Then I feel guilty when I do check it and I realize I’ve missed out on my friends’ photos, and I feel extra guilt because I never take any photos.

Wait. No, my least favorite social media site is Google Plus. I don’t get what that is or how it’s supposed to work, and I don’t have time to figure it out.

Not when everyone is already on Facebook anyway.

Do you realize next Friday will be the first gratitude post of the year? Do you realize two months from today is Christmas? Are you freaking out yet?

Throwback Thursday: Harry Again.

I barely have words to describe how this song makes me feel. But I’ll try.

My first year at BYU, I met a boy. I met lots of boys actually, but there was this one…sigh…we connected on so many different levels, and before long, as is my wont, I was fallen pretty hard for him. Sometimes I wonder, if I hadn’t left BYU, and had still been there when he got back from his mission, I wonder…and I have to stop because it makes me too sad.

One night he brought over a VHS tape of Harry Connick, Jr. in concert so we could watch it together. I squealed with delight, as I had been converted to the Gospel of Harry Connick two years prior.

“How did you know I liked him?” I asked.

“I saw the ‘When Harry Met Sally’ Soundtrack in your Walkman and took a guess,” he replied.

So on a fall October night, we watched Harry sing a dozen or so songs, and I was a pretty happy girl. Harry still has that effect on me.

Toss-Up Tuesday: The Upside of Not Taking Lessons Anymore.

The #1 reason why I’m glad I’m no longer taking piano lessons: I don’t have to play these anymore. I loaned my Hanon book to a piano student, and we ended lessons abruptly, and I don’t think I’ll ever see that book again.

I’m not so sure I care.

I also can’t believe there are multiple YouTube videos of people playing frickin’ Hanon. HANON. For the love.