I’ve felt a lot of stress the past few weeks for a variety of reasons and the world is mostly a dumpster fire, so I feel compelled to document just how much joy and gratitude I felt as I drove home at 8:30 p.m. after a day of teaching, rehearsals, and parent-teacher conferences.

You know, to counterbalance the dumpster-fireness of it all.

  • I truly enjoyed all my students today.
  • We had a good first-off-book rehearsal of the musical.
  • I received much grace from the director and conductor for still struggling to play the second act.
  • I had great conversations with students and parents at conferences.
  • The remote start on my car still works so my car could warm up just a little before I walked to it (still took a good 5 minutes of driving to feel any heat though)
  • I was reminded several times over the past two days that I work with some really kind and wonderful people.

Most days, it’s tough for me to peer through the smoke of the dumpster-fire earth and find anything positive. So I’m quite grateful for the days when blue sky breaks through and reminds me of just how much good there is in my world.

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