Poem #2: End on a question


I’ve read the greats as well as the unknowns
Gobsmacked at the similes, metaphors, synecdoche, metonymy
Inspired by the diction, the imagery
I swoon, I weep, I ponder—the depth and breadth of human emotion
Present in the lines and stanzas of good poetry
All of it leaves me to wonder:

Why add one more voice?
Why add one more verse?
Does the world need one more poet, when it barely pays attention
To the ones who already inspire?

2 thoughts on “Poem #2: End on a question

  1. But it’s the poem for the world or the poet? I always see poetry as a personal processing that we sometimes share to connect with others. I like your poems so far. Keep going.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! And a great question–I’ve never thought of it that way before, but I think I lean toward the poem being for the poet. And if the world accepts it, then that’s just gravy.

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