The Adventures of Robin Hood (1937)

Plot: Every Robin Hood movie or cartoon you’ve ever seen. Is it really necessary that I rehash the plot here? I mean, this basically sums it up:

Okay, okay, in all seriousness, as I watched the ORH (or at least the original speaking Robin Hood), I made a list of all the incarnations of this story I’d seen, and I came up with four: Costner, Elwes, Daffy, and that adorable Disney fox. What I didn’t expect was how the base story was so similar in each version.

Best Moment: Not gonna lie, near the beginning when Robin Hood shows up at Prince John’s feast with a dead deer draped across his shoulders, and then slams said deer at the Prince’s table? I was reminded of how displays of virile masculinity are incredibly attractive. I didn’t find Errol Flynn all that attractive, but in that moment he certainly was. Maybe it was that whole “he can provide for me theory” .

Worst Moment: When I went into the kitchen to cut up some brownies, missed about five minutes, didn’t rewind, and completely lost interest in the rest of the film. I mean, if you’ve seen one Robin Hood movie, haven’t you seen them all?

Fun Facts: The 1937 Robin Hood film was directed by Michael Curtiz, who directed my all-time favorite movie, Casablanca. AND Claude Rains–who plays Captain Renault in Casablanca–plays the tyrannical Prince John here. I love seeing directors and actors repeatedly work with each other.

Recommendation: I mean, it’s a Robin Hood movie. Perhaps watching another one will feel something like this:



But if you love the story of Robin of Locksley and Marian and all the Merry Men in Tights, give it a view. Then watch Arrow (which I hear is good), and then look forward to this flick, which I think we need like we need another hole in our collective heads, but it does have that cutie pie from the Kingsmen series, so…it may be worth a gander.

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