Pop Culture Roundup, Week 6

I saw two excellent movies last week, both 100% worth your time.

The first, “Tower,” is a documentary about the Texas Tower shooting in 1966. This is different from the usual documentary storytelling technique of interviewee looking off camera, while still photos and some ancient video plays as B roll. The director instead used actors and animation, and it’s hard to explain, so you really just have to watch it.

The other movie I saw last week was the Academy Award-nominated “Arrival.” Multiple people had been after me to see this film, and now that I’ve seen it, I need to see it at least three more times. The concept of language and time as constructs that actually hold humans back from progress was interesting, but it was the twist at the end that caused me to feel all possible emotions at once–and I’m not using hyperbole there. It was unlike any reaction I’ve had to a film.

I didn’t really watch or listen to much else last week–this is the time of year when my life starts being consumed by school and the musical, and everything becomes a bit of a blur. But once that is over, I get to collapse into spring break, so if there’s anything I should see that week, leave it in the comments!

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