Pop Culture Roundup, Week 5

In my last installment, I sang the praises of Amazon Prime’s music offerings. And it really is lovely. But even lovelier? Amazon Music Unlimited. I figured its cost was less than any other streaming service I had access to, so why not try it for a year? I’m loving it. Loving it even more now that Prince’s whole catalog was released last week. How many times have I listened to “7”? I’ll let you guess that.

I am still fighting my ever-full TiVo, but I’m all caught up on “Jane the Virgin,” and WHOA. If you’re not watching this delightful take on the telenovela genre, you are missing out. It is funny and smart and poignant, and more than worth your time. Seasons 1 and 2 are on Netflix.

During a bout of Sudafed-induced insomnia this week, I watched the film “Clueless” again for the first time in years. I love that it holds up after all this time, and can still make me giggle. Though I’m more aware now that Cher hooking up with Josh, even though not blood-related, is a bit weird.

And if you are looking for a good podcast, I am finally catching up on This American Life, and this episode has some really great journalism.

What about you? What did I miss?

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