Some Advice (and a recipe)

It’s been a bit of a week.

So much has been written about last week’s tragedies, and I don’t think I have anything new or groundbreaking to add. I really believe that listening to stories, whether in person, in print, or in film, is key to problem solving. And since I’m all about practical solutions, here’s some suggestions.

  1. If you’re in Omaha, there’s an exhibit at El Museo Latino that documents immigrants from various Latin American countries. You can read their stories as well as listen to them on a CD.
  2. This morning, I read the book “Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates. It was devastatingly powerful. If I had the means and power, I would make everyone in America read it. I have not felt as educated to the Black American experience since reading Toni Morrison’s “Beloved.”
  3. If you are on Twitter, follow some people that might provide some perspective and understanding. A few of my favorites: @Ebonyteach, @Jananamirah, @bomani_jones.

And because the world still spins and a little levity is still important, here’s a recipe for Pina Colada Smoothies that I’ve been drinking all summer. I had to find a recipe that most resembled my favorite smoothie at Juice Stop, because Juice Stop is a bit of a trek from where I live, and because their smoothies are a bit spendy.

2/3 c. milk of choice (I use coconut milk–the kind in the half gallons, not the cans)
1/3 c. greek yogurt (I use Fage 2%)
1/3 c. Molokai Coconut drink from Bai (My local Walmart Neighborhood Market carries this)
1 c. frozen pineapple

That’s it. Blend and drink. It makes the perfect amount–I find with smoothie joints the serving sizes are so big that I feel sick if I drink the whole thing, and feel like I’m wasting money if I don’t.

30 days from today, I will have students in my classroom. Doesn’t seem possible that summer is already over.

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