A Month-ish of Blogging

A little over a month ago a tweet showed up in my timeline about a blogging challenge. I hadn’t been writing much and was in the early stages of the 4th quarter slump. And 4th quarter is typically not the time of year I want to be blogging about school, of all things. Because here’s how I feel by the time the end of March hits:

As hard as it was to carve out time every day this month to blog (and I did miss a few days), it was good for me to spend this particular month reflecting on why I’m a teacher, because it’s typically this month every year that has me questioning my career choice. I’m angry and cranky and May is just so. far. away.

Instead, I’m heading into the final three weeks of the school year still happy to be teaching. I’m more motivated than usual to spend time this summer really preparing for next year.

I’ve still had some monumentally frustrating days in April, days when I came home and escaped into a book or a TV show. (I actually read six books this month. That never happens during the school year.)

Blogging about my teaching, in part, allowed me to breathe and realize the importance of balance.

So I’m glad I participated in the April Blog-A-Day Challenge. I’m thankful to Meredith Towne for creating thoughtful prompts. And I’m grateful for the reminder that, as busy as I am, I can always make time for things that I value.


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