Summer Plans.

Business Plan
New Newspaper Rubric
Learn Schoology
Purge Desktop
Redo Keynotes

This is the list I started last week, a list of what I need to accomplish this summer. It will only get longer, I am sure, because I know I need to complete at least one Udemy class (just so I don’t feel like a failure–I have half a dozen in my queue) and I plan to do as much of this as I can.

I spend plenty of time during the summer watching movies and sleeping, but I also spend plenty of time looking at how I can improve my classes and my teaching, as well as learn something new.

I’m also trying a class through EdX. It’s from the University of Pennsylvania, and it’s called “Hollywood: History, Industry, Art.” It will make my film unit in pop culture so much better than it currently is.

I will enjoy learning for learning’s sake this summer. Once our final issue of the newspaper is put to bed next week, I will start sketching out a summer syllabus for myself. This will keep me motivated and prevent me from watching all seven seasons of The West Wing followed by all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls.

I’m excited for this summer, and even though I’m not taking any big trips, I’m not finishing a book or taking on any fellowships, I will still learn and fine tune my craft.


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