It’s 10 p.m. Friday and I spent 90 minutes with tech support of our journalism site’s web hosting company, so I’m not feeling much like blogging. But here goes.

I am not good at celebrating.

This isn’t limited to what happens in my classroom–I’m not even good at celebrating my birthday. Or most holidays. It’s just not something I do; it makes my introverted self uncomfortable.

I tried this year, with my #180 Days of Happy Instagram project…but I only made it 90 days before giving up.

I need to at least get back to what I did my first year of teaching: every month, I sent a postcard home to the parents of a student who likely wasn’t getting much recognition at school. I don’t know why I quit doing that–I’m guessing I just let the demands of the job take over.

It was a small thing, and it wasn’t public, but it still felt like a small celebration. Something for me to pick up again next year.



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