The Importance of Writing.

When I lifted the self-imposed expectation that this year I would write more, after becoming the chief pianist in the musical, I forgot one important detail.

Writing often saves me.

Locked away in various synapses of my brain are three weeks of blog posts. I composed paragraphs while driving, while putting on makeup, even while practicing the piano, but never actually sat at my laptop to write. And after two weeks, I felt the crazy start to creep in.

At one point in the whirlwind of last week, I wondered why I felt so off. Imbalanced. Not normal. Blaming the musical was easy–it’s a high pressure week. But really, my mental state was not helped by not writing.

So this week’s posts might be a bit rusty and disjointed as I get back in the habit of writing. Of the many lessons I learned in February, this is probably the most important: if I want to survive, I must write.

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