I Ate An Elephant.

Last night was the final show for “Suessical: The Musical.” It was a hit–Friday and Saturday night we played to packed houses. And as an orchestra, we rocked.

I’m still a bit awestruck that I survived this past month. When I offered to step in for the original pianist, there was a part of me that didn’t really think anyone would take me seriously. I mean, I can play hymns and the occasional Primo part on a four-hand accompaniment (as long as I have six weeks’ notice), but carry a show? With a month to learn it? No way anyone would trust me with that.

Then yesterday morning, I thought of other accomplishments in my life that I never really thought I could do: serve a mission for my church, successfully complete grad school, publish a book. Now I can add play a musical.

All of these were proverbial “eating an elephant” situations. And it worked every time.

I don’t know if my tendency to doubt myself is a bit of an act, something we all do occasionally, in a feeble attempt to keep me a bit humble. But after this month, I’ve realized that in the face of difficult tasks, I need to cool it with the self-doubt, take a deep breath, and tackle whatever is in front of me, one bite at a time.

Next up: everything I neglected for the past month. No problem.

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