Sliced Bread Apology

Prompt: What do you think is actually the best thing since sliced bread?

Yesterday, I let the whole day go without talking to my parents. This is not unusual–I don’t talk to them every day. But yesterday was their wedding anniversary, and I remember thinking to myself, as I hauled broadcasting gear to the North Gym to live stream a wrestling match, “I have to call mom and dad on the way home. Don’t forget.”

And then I got distracted by the many things preoccupying my mind, and I forgot.

It wasn’t a significant anniversary–the next big one happens in six years–but I still feel badly that I didn’t even manage a measly text message to mark the occasion.

So instead, a blog post about how my parents’ marriage is the best thing since sliced bread…

I never saw them fight. I’m sure they had disagreements, and probably even fought. But they kept it away from the kids, on the (I’m assuming) rare occasions fights happened.

They still hold hands. Throughout my life, people I barely know, upon learning I am Dale and Carolyn’s daughter, will tell me how adorable my parents are. Yep. They are.

They like being together, but they also respect each others’ need to be an individual. When dad goes hunting, mom doesn’t get upset (maybe she did when we were little, but remember: no fights in front of the kids), and I think she actually likes the alone time. Mom basically has commandeered the basement with her crafting arsenal, but I’ve never heard my dad complain about it. Tease? Yes. We all tease her about it. But I don’t see or hear complaining. They really do respect each other.

So, mom and dad, I’m sorry I missed your anniversary. I hope this makes up for it.

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