It’s January 17 so I shouldn’t be too surprised that the shine of the new year has dulled and all my fabulous plans for focus and order have completely derailed.

The word of the year, if loyal readers remember, is Productive. And what I’ve learned so far this year is that I can be really productive so long as no wrenches get thrown into my day.

I forgot that most of life is wrenches.

When something derails my normal routine, instead of channeling my inner Tim Gunn and “make it work,” I shut down.

“Since my entire day is blown, I might as well not do anything for the rest of it!” tends to be my line of thinking. And that’s what happened this week. Little wrenches thrown here and there that caused bigger things to not happen.

Like writing. Like reading. Like baking. Like yoga. Like seeing movies. Like working out. Like practicing the piano. Like the programming class I’m taking. Basically, all the things I vowed to do to make sure I didn’t let work consume my entire life fell to the wayside with every little wrench.

But Monday starts a new week, and if I learned nothing else from G.I. Joe, it’s that knowing is half the battle. So if I now knowthat wrenches derail me, I can be on the lookout and make sure I don’t let them.


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