Write More.

In 2015, the year my book was published, I started to think of myself as a real writer.

Let me be clear–I’d been published before. I wrote for the Provo Daily Herald for a couple weeks on an internship. I’d been published in a couple of literary journals. I’d authored and co-authored academic work. And of course, the blog here. For some reason, none of that ever registered with my brain as being “real writer” content.

But here it is, January 1, 2016 and now I am A Writer.

A Writer who doesn’t write nearly enough as of late. So over the holiday break I did some reading and some thinking and some soul searching about how I approach writing in general, and blogging specifically.

All of the reading and thinking is still percolating, brewing a plan for what my writing life needs to be in 2016, but the end result is this: I need to write more.

So at the bare minimum, expect more writing here. It won’t always be great, but like I tell my students, two actions make us better writers: read more, write more.

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