Another Advent Season.

Today is the first day of Advent. Last year, I observed Advent for the first time ever, and at times lamented that it isn’t part of how my church celebrates Christmas.

This year, I’m actually a little glad that it isn’t tied to LDS culture and tradition, because it isn’t “one more thing” I have to do–it’s something I want to do, something that I can make entirely mine.

Last year, I observed Advent with the help of a book that lined up parts of Handel’s Messiah with each day. This year, I am using this book, which draws on writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I’ve also already arranged to attend a Christmas Eve service with a friend.

I’ll write once or twice a week here about my advent observations. In case you might want to figure out your own approach to observing advent, I’ve collected some links:

Rachel Held Evans (this post is what got me started last year).

Sarah Bessey (I linked her first Advent blog here–I’ll be following her others this season).

By Common Consent–an LDS-based blog–has some pieces about advent. This is from last year as well.

I’m ready for another Christmas season–hoping again this year that the things I’ve grown to detest about this time of year will, much like the scales from Paul’s eyes, fall off and allow me to really see Jesus more clearly.

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