A Good Day.

Last night when I looked at the to-do list I wrote out Tuesday night and saw how many things I didn’t get around to, I had a moment of panic. Especially because I knew I wouldn’t be home much today. And now as I’m watching the 2nd half of the BYU-Belmont basketball game, I’m really quite grateful for my busy Saturday.

8-10 a.m.: made a casserole for dinners this week and rolls for lunches. Grateful for an able body to be on my feet for that long, for a great kitchen, and for plenty of ingredients to make a variety of food.

11:30 a.m.: taught my niece a piano lesson. Grateful for her musical talent and for the fun of music in general.

1-3 p.m.: Book signing at a local indie bookstore. Grateful for a publisher who thought my book was worthwhile, for friends who unwittingly tag-teamed the entire two hours I was there so I was not without company for long, grateful for a lovely bouquet of flowers and the thoughtful box of Candy Cane Joe Joes some friends brought me, and grateful for writing in general.

4-9 p.m.: Star Wars marathon for journalism kids. Last night we watched Episode 4; tonight we watched Episodes 5 and 2. Grateful for fun students, for DVDs, and I’m grateful that George Lucas didn’t write the screenplays to ALL of the Star Wars films…

I worked a little here and there during the movies, chipping away at the looming to-do list. After the game is over, I’ll pick up a book I’ve been reading over break (and hope to finish it), and go to bed content with a Thanksgiving break that actually felt like a break. Truly grateful for that.

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