I almost quit Facebook today.

Really, I almost did.

Between the recent controversy with the LDS church, the Paris attacks, the refugee situation, and a speech by President Obama, I could not take what I was seeing anymore.

But I have some dear friends I met through Facebook, and it is the place we gather and correspond. Enter

I can filter out what I don’t want to see. I can set specific words to keep out stories I don’t want to read. And yes, to some this might be tantamount to sticking my head in the sand, but that’s what Facebook is for. It’s not like much productive discourse is happening on Facebook in the first place. It’s a lot of yelling amidst a sea of logical fallacies.

Not for me, not anymore. Once I installed the extension, I saw happy news. I saw posts from friends that likely would’ve been buried or absent. I’m much happier. So today, I am grateful for developers much smarter than me who can build such a specific filter to help keep me a bit more sane.


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