A Five-Year Plan.

Actual conversation I had with my sister Deanne today.

Me: So my insurance company has a strict age rule on colonoscopies, so it will cost $3000 for me to get one before I’m 50.

Her: What? Even though you’re high risk?

Me: Yeah. And I’m up to $2100 of a $3100 deductible for this year and my health savings account won’t have enough money for at least two years to cover a colonoscopy. So, if I get stage 4 colon cancer when I’m 47 and I die, will you sue Blue Cross for wrongful death?

Her: Yes. And then I’ll buy front row tickets to Hamilton in your honor.

Me: After I’m dead? You’ll go see Hamilton after I’m dead?

Her: Well I certainly can’t afford it before the lawsuit.

I’m grateful for funny people in my life. Keeps my mind off the more serious stuff, like, you know, getting colon cancer within the next 7 years.

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