Passive Aggressive Notes.

Today I am grateful for passive-aggressive notes.

This morning, I walked out the door to church, saw my Sunday New York Times laying there and thought, “Meh. I’ll grab it when I come home.”

Only when I got home, the paper was gone. GONE!

I fumed for a little a considered knocking on ever door, but I’m way too introverted for that, so instead I posted a note: “If you accidentally took my Sunday New York Times, would you please return it to Apt. 21? I need it for my job. Thank you.”

And I did need it for my job–the Times released a new virtual reality storytelling mechanism today and I planned to use it with my newspaper staff this week.

I went about my Sunday afternoon tasks, and three hours after posting the note, I opened my door and peeked in the hallway. At the bottom of the stairs, there was my Times.

It had been read, and the thief had spilled some kind of juice on it, but the important parts seemed preserved, and I tried the virtual reality storytelling and it was pretty sweet.

So today I’m grateful that I know how to write a passive aggressive note. It came in quite handy today.

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