Be Still.

This week has been rough.

No real reason why, to be honest–I haven’t suffered any massive trauma or loss, I’ve finally (mostly) kicked this cold that’s been trying to make my life miserable for two weeks, and generally speaking, life is pretty good.

But every day this week I’ve felt dread, partly due to self-imposed expectations that in truth, might be a tad unrealistic.

After staying up way past my bedtime last night to try and catch up a little, today felt better, and when I sat down to my RSS feed for the first time all week, this was the highlighted article in my feed.

I had mentioned to a friend earlier this week that I couldn’t fathom how others handled life. I don’t have a family to take care of, no real responsibilities outside of my work. But since I started teaching 15 years ago, I’ve learned that if I don’t consciously force myself to settle down, work becomes my life, and I get so myopic that I can’t see beyond the walls of my classroom.

That’s what was happening this week.

So even though I have so much to do this weekend, I need to remember this:

I don’t believe God is impressed with an exhaustion. He isn’t glorified when you take on so many responsibilities that your soul floods with unrest and discontentment. Feeling burnt out isn’t a badge of faithfulness.

And I need to spend some time this weekend just being still.


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