New Digs.

For two years, I’ve been wanting to move my blog over to WordPress, and I just always found other things to get in the way. But with the imminent release of my book and wanting to spruce up my digital footprint, I shirked all kinds of other duties tonight and spent close to three hours making the switch.

It’s still not complete, and there’s much work left to do, but I kinda like the new home.

The old blog will still be around, and I’ll have a link up to it later this week. (I tried to just import everything over, and none of the paragraph breaks transferred. I didn’t think coding in paragraph breaks on 1244 blog posts was a good use of my time.)

But one major change is that I will no longer maintain a personal blog and a professional blog. It will all be right here in one place.

So please be patient as I work out all the kinks, and please let me know what works and what doesn’t as I add different elements.

Oh, and be sure to click on the little folder–it has some pretty cool features there. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “New Digs.

  1. I like the way WordPress blogs look. Very clean. I admire your tenacity to accomplish the switch.

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