I think I’ve mentioned before the irony of me teaching a photography class, because I’m not the best photographer. I know what makes a good photo, and I’m getting better at teaching students how to take good photos, but I don’t look at the world through an imaginary lens, realizing what scenes and moments might make good photos.

Since 2015 has apparently been a year of introspection and growth for me, I’m continuing that through the school year. On Instagram (username jlrowse, if you’re so inclined to follow me), I’m sharing a photo every day of school, ideally a photo of something at school that makes me happy.
I’m a little worried that on a bad day I will be tempted to take a photo of me leaving the building, or that on a good day I will have gotten to 3:20 and not taken a single photo. But I’m challenging myself to try.
I’m using #180DaysOfHappy to tag my photos, and I’m pretty sure I stole that hashtag from someone much more accomplished than me. But I’m using it nonetheless. I’m hoping this will be one more way I can stick to my word of the year.

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