Summer Break, Week #1.

I’m surprised at how my days during the summer can fill up so quickly. 
I finished the first half of my first class–if I hadn’t packed so much into three days this week, I could’ve finished the entire class.
I soldiered on with the second week of the journalism fellowship (it’s five weeks online and one week in-residence).
I helped some friends clean the church, saw Pitch Perfect 2 with another friend, got my hair cut, caught up with a former student, went to a Little League game, attended Omaha Comic Con, and watched my nephew’s last rugby game. 
I read Jim Gaffigan’s book Food: A Love Story, and checked out two of Stephanie Perkins’ books from the library. 
Today, I went to church, and when I got home, I started sifting through the 461 comments and changes from the most recent edit of my book. I’ll go to choir rehearsal in a little bit, and then attend another rehearsal for a different musical event I’m in after that. 
So far, summer break isn’t letting me do a whole lot of just sitting around doing nothing. 

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