One Decade

Ten years ago today, I wrote this.

If I knew what I was doing then, my first post would’ve included something like this:

In August, I will teach a course called Contemporary Media Issues for the first time. It’s a course that examines the different media we consume, including film. And while I love movies, I admit I don’t have a good enough grounding in the history of film. But The American Film Institute created a list of its Top 100 Films of all time, which I see as a film history primer. 

Also, my grandma loves movies, and she’s probably seen most of these films. So if I write about them, maybe she will read what I think about some of her favorites. So on to the first film…

Ten years later, Contemporary Media Issues is now called Pop Culture Studies, and two years after I spent a summer chipping away at the AFI’s list, they came out with a new one. The last count I did, I’ve seen 76 of the new 100 films.

I still love movies, and though the blog has evolved beyond a simple repository for my thoughts on classic film, I occasionally sift through the archives of the summer of 2005 and am quite happy I thought to start a blog.

It’s not a famous blog by any means, but it’s been wonderful to have a space, “so that I may contribute a verse.”

Happy Anniversary, blog.

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