One Of Those Days…

…when I felt like a failure.

…when I realized yet again that I can’t reach every student.
…when I said things I regret.
…when I had to face the fact that one of my dearest friends won’t be at my school next year.
…which made me panic about losing more friends to different (and sometimes better) jobs in the future.
…when I cried while watching the local news, listening to the Omaha Chief of Police announce one of his officers had been killed in the line of duty.
…when I remembered tonight is David Letterman’s final show, and cried a little more.
…when I felt energized by a meeting with next year’s publication staffs.
…when I felt encouraged by the Nebraska State Legislature’s repeal of the death penalty.
…when I panicked about live streaming Baccalaureate and Graduation.
…when I felt so overwhelmed by absolutely everything.
…when I felt a twinge of hope that tomorrow can’t possibly be a carbon copy of today.

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