Spring Break

The last time I had a full week for spring break was…let me think…grad school. Bowling Green, 2008. This year, our district scheduled a week-long spring break instead of splitting the days between a winter break in February and days off around Easter. 

I don’t do well without the routine of school, even though I desperately need the break. Since last Friday my body has subtly reminded me that I am not immune to colds, despite not having one for over two years. I haven’t been knocked flat on my back, but I haven’t been operating at 100% either.
Add in five straight weeks of high-stress situations, and it’s a wonder I haven’t been crabbier than I’ve been with my students. So the timing of this break is rather serendipitous. 
That said, I don’t do well without the routine of school.
I thought about this flaw of mine, this compulsive need to be needed (because that’s really what it comes down to), and this morning I actually panicked a little with what the next nine days would look like for me. Especially because I’ve been beating back this demon for a good two weeks now. 
So I made a list of things I could do over the break, you know, responsible things like finish my book and grade some papers and clean the microwave. 

But I’m starting spring break with my TiVo, that is 41% full, and some homemade brownies made from scratch.
It might be Monday before I get to that list.

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