A Good Week.

I needed this week.

The previous two weeks were rough (hence a 10-day gap in blogging) and the events of those two weeks are a) not pertinent to the post and b) not for public knowledge anyway. Suffice it to say they were rough weeks emotionally and physically.
So I rather enjoyed Sunday after church, when I changed into comfy, loungy clothes and just hung out. I enjoyed Sunday a lot more at 3:45 when they canceled school.
Monday was delightful, except for one four-hour stretch that I cannot talk about publicly for fear of, well, lots of possible consequences. 
I spent Tuesday with my colleagues who teach with iPads, as we had our last inservice of the year. We went to lunch at Dickey’s, and after the iPad training, I met with my trainer, who despite trying to kill me for 30 minutes every week, actually proves to me that I am much stronger–emotionally and physically–than I think I am.
Tuesday night, I tweeted about Jay Bilas’ book that I’m reading, AND HE RETWEETED ME. I was completely star struck, and I don’t care if it makes me look silly. JAY BILAS LIKED SOMETHING I TWEETED.
This morning I woke up to an email, a voice mail, and a tweet that school was canceled again, and I didn’t do a stitch of work. I actually rested, worked up a sweat shoveling Deanne’s van out of its parking spot, taught two piano lessons, made brownies from scratch, and binge-watched “Wings.”
(I’ll give up that incriminating information to make up for the scant details about Monday.)
And tomorrow, oh tomorrow, I will get my hair cut for the first time since October, and then Friday is a jeans day and two basketball games and newspaper deadlines and life gets back to a little bit of crazy.
But the past four days? They have been glorious, and I’m grateful for them and for yet another example that just when I am at a complete breaking point, somehow, God finds a way to mend me, to fix me back up just enough to go back out there and run myself ragged again.

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  1. Sounds like a great week, indeed! And thanks for shoveling my van out…take heart knowing that in about 5 months, tops, I will reclaim my forest green beauty and take her to our new home. Wherever that may be.

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