Advent, Week Three.

Today was my church’s Christmas service. We heard scriptures that shared Christ’s purpose in coming to Earth, scriptures about the familiar players of the Nativity Story, scriptures about the joy embedded in the Christmas story.

We sang Christmas carols and as a special treat, a member of our congregation sang this song–my absolute favorite (admittedly, not when David Archuleta is singing it, but it’s also MoTab, so cut me a little slack). As she sang the chorus–“O come let us adore him”–I was overwhelmed with emotion I hadn’t felt in a Christmas service before.
I always enjoy our Christmas services because they are light on the talking and heavy on the music, and I love to sing. So it’s a Sunday that I get to pretend I’m an angel in a heavenly choir and belt away. But for the past 21 days, I’ve been reflecting on Christ’s mission and promises, as well as my obligations to Him, and the impact of the idea of adoring Him was more real to me than it ever has been.
The final scripture reading of today’s service was Psalm 98. I loved hearing it, because it fit so nicely with what I’ve learned this Advent season–that if all I do at Christmas is focus on Christ’s birth, I am missing the point. His life, His sacrifice, His salvation deserves just as much reflection and meditation at this time of year as does His birth. 

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