Lacking Motivation.

When I returned home from my vacation, I had big plans in my head. Redecorate a little, organize a little, finish edits on my book, start lesson planning, go back to the gym and face my trainer…you know, big plans.

Instead, I have blitzed through nearly two seasons of The West Wing, worked on my book a little bit, framed a painting one of my friends painted for me, and until today, let the laundry pile up.

Side note: I was rather enamored with Deanne’s laundry basket, since it was one of those fancy sorter contraptions. So I bought one when I came home, and I love the time saving of not having to sort my laundry, but since I now have four times the laundry basket capacity, I was unaware of how much laundry had piled up. Anyway.

I keep waiting for the nesting instinct to kick in, that phenomenon when I know I have something big approaching and I get all my proverbial ducks in a row. But it’s not. I have lists of things I need and want to do, but missing from that list is “find motivation to actually accomplish to-do list.”

Any idea if I can pick that up at Target?

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