Order Restored!

I may never know why I lost access to my Google account on Friday afternoon (late Thursday night for you stateside people), but suffice it to say, I was panicked.

I was so worried that maybe my dad was right, and by blogging about my time here, someone in Omaha had broken into my apartment and stolen my computer to gain access to my account. (My parents checked. All is quiet on the western front.) Thought for sure I’d been hacked, and I’m not too proud to admit that I shed a few tears when I realized my blog was down and I hadn’t backed it up in much too long. 
Because if I couldn’t blog, I couldn’t share pictures like these…
All you can eat, make your own tempura! It’s not exactly all you can eat, because they kick you out after 90 minutes. But I very much was stuffed before we hit the time threshold.
You fry it at your table! Right in the middle of your table is a giant vat of burning hot oil! Deanne mentioned that there’s no way a place like this would exist in the US. Too many lawsuits.
How much tempura did we eat? Thiiiiiiiiiiis much. 
Isn’t your life so much better having seen these photos? 
I have no idea why my account was disabled. When I regained access and looked at the recent activity log (did you know you could do that?!?) all it noted was that my account was disabled, and then, after proving I owned the account, it was enabled again. 
I’m leaving off the 2-step authentication until I get back to the states…which is so soon my heart starts to hurt a little bit when I think about it. Wouldn’t yours if you were handed notes like these?

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