I Didn’t Pass Out.

If you remember my first personal training session, you should be oh so very impressed that I ever went back to the gym, and more impressed that I showed up for my 2nd session. 

I fretted all day about this session, worried that I had practiced all the exercises wrong and that I’d pass out for real and that Sam would treat me like a complete loser waste of his time, given how my body responded to the first workout. 
But he didn’t.
And he still really pushed me.
For example: during our first session, he had me use 5 lb kettlebells for a curl/press combo move. In the workout room, there are no kettlebells, and there are no 5 lb free weights, only 10 lb weights.  When it came time for that exercise tonight, he handed me two 10 lb dumbbells. 
“Um, you had me use 5 lb kettlebells, so I’ve just been using one 10 lb weight and holding each end with my hands.”
“Well, let’s just go for reps and see how you do with a 10 lb weight in each hand.”
I don’t think Sam is a stupid man, and I surmise his intent was to force me into 10 lb weights this whole time. I sighed and picked them up, started the exercise, and it wasn’t too bad.
Until I got to rep #7. And 8. And by #10 I wanted this to happen.
He must have read my mind, because he said, “Let’s go for 12.” and I eked out 2 more.
The practicing I did last week must have helped a little, because I also did 15 toe pushups (granted only 1/4 of the way down, but still–during the 1st session I only made it to 12) without stopping. I was fairly impressed with myself, and even Sam said I did a good job.
When we finished the evil, heinous, torturous core workout, I sat up and did not see spots. We chatted a little about my upcoming vacation and he sent me on my way to do 15 minutes of cardio (which I did, with full vision in both eyes), and that was that.
All in all, a much better outing than the first time.

One thought on “I Didn’t Pass Out.

  1. That is awesome! My clients LOOOVE it when I say “just two more”. Or like today on the wall sit, I didn't say how long…just kept asking “how do you feel?” and then showed her she did a full minute. Last week she only did 30 seconds, because it is all I told her to do.

    Excited to help you stay on track next month!!

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