A Friday Surprise.

I’ve let myself get pretty frustrated lately, all about things over which I have no control. This week in particular, I let those “things” start to cloud my mind with thoughts of different careers or different cities or moving to Denmark.

And then on a random Friday afternoon on my way to refill my water bottle, I get to see a face I haven’t seen in years, and I get to hear how a kid I taught for four years is following his dreams and loving his life and is a grown adult and he’s kind and eloquent and in the four minutes we have to talk (because I have a classroom of teenagers awaiting) I am bursting with so much happiness and pride that I wish I could bottle what I’m feeling and save it for the days I completely lose perspective.

Then I remember what I’m sure I’ve written here before, a teacher who retired about ten years ago shared his only piece of departing advice at our end of the year celebration: “It’s all about the kids. Everything else is bullshit.”

This week I let the bullshit take over why I really get out of bed every morning. I’m so grateful a student I taught so long ago showed up today and just by being there, reminded me why I can’t let that happen.

It’s all about the kids, and having the privilege of seeing the people they become.

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  1. Good teachers make all the difference in the world. Thanks for being there to inspire kids to make something of their lives. We need more people like you! 🙂

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