Weekend Report.

I’ve been trying to write a hilarious recap of my weekend, but the words just aren’t fitting the way they normally do. So instead, a boring recap.

I went to my first fish fry on Friday night. I enjoyed the people watching and the time with my friends. I was warned by other friends that I’d be in line for at least two hours, so I was pleasantly surprised when it only took one to get some food. After the fish fry (there are so many people at this one that management isn’t all that keen on lingering to visit) we went to a different establishment to hang out a little longer…didn’t realize we ended up at a college bar until half of Creighton’s basketball team walked in. Ah, brushes with fame. They are invigorating. 
Saturday I drove to Lincoln for the regional semifinal of the women’s NCAA basketball tournament. BYU played UConn. My hope was for BYU to stay within 20; they lost by 19. To understand the feat of that loss, check out their season scores. Not many teams can say they lost by fewer than 20 points.
General admission was completely full–that section’s tickets were completely oversold–so my sister, 5 year-old niece and I sat in reserved seating behind the band, until someone dared to tell us to move. No one dared. Great seats, great game, and aside from looking for parking for 30 minutes, I loved the whole afternoon.
And now it’s Monday, and I’m at that strange time of year when I’m not needed after school. I’ve put my newspaper staff on hiatus (we all need a break), I can handle the grading that’s left for me during open moments in the school day, and the only way to make this week better would be for the weather to stop being winter.
General Conference is this weekend, so that means pumpkin pancakes and PJs all weekend (last April Conference I was crazy and drove to Utah for a mission reunion) and even though it’s not a vacation, it always feels like a little bit of one to me.
And just in case you haven’t checked in with gmail lately…what’s tomorrow again?

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